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ServiceMacbook Pro (non Retina)Macbook Pro 13"-15" Retina (2012-2015)Macbook Pro 13"-16" Retina (2016-2020)Macbook Air 11" - 13" (2012-2020)
Logic Board Repair$225 - $325$325 - $375$325 - $925$250 - $575
LCD / LED Replacement$225 - $295call for current price and availability$475 - $925 *call for current pricing$325 - $585
Keyboard$235 - $265$265 - $275Top Case Replacement $399 - $899 *call for current price$235 - $495 *if top case replacement needed
Trackpad$145$225 all models$195 - $275$145
Hard Drive$159-$179 (labor) *does not include cost of hard drive or SSD$159 - $179 (labor) *does not include cost of hard drive or SSDCall to see if upgradeable*$159 - $179 (labor) *does not include cost of hard drive or SSD
RAM Upgrade$59 minimum (labor only) Does not include RAMN/AN/AN/A
USBC/MagSafe DC Repair$149$175call$195
Battery Replacement$185 - $195$195 - $215$275 - $350$185 - $285
Virus/Adware Removal$225 - $275$225 - $275$225 - $275$225 - $275
Speaker Replacementcall$185 new pair R+Lcallcall

ServiceAll iMac's (non retina)All iMac's (retina)
Logic Board Repair$225 - $375Call
Hard Drive Replacement (removable glass)$179 (labor) *does not include cost of hard drive or SSD$225 - $275 (includes labor and materials) *does not include cost of hard drive, SSD or 3.5" to 2.5" adapter
Liquid DamageCallCall
Reflow / Repair Video Card$275 - $350Call
iMac LVDS Video Connector Replacement$275 - $325Call
iMac Power Supply$175 - $275$325 (includes labor and materials)
Virus/Adware Removal$225 - $275$225 - $275 (Average cost)
ServiceMac Mini
Logic Board$225 - $495
Hard Drive$159 - $179 (labor) *includes installation of drive and OS - Does not include cost of hard drive or SSD
Virus/Adware Removal$225 - $275
Power Supply Replacement$225 - $325
RAM Upgrade$59 - $179 (labor only does not include cost of RAM upgrade)
ServiceiPhone 8+iPhone 8iPhone 7+iPhone 7iPhone 6S+iPhone 6SiPhone 6+iPhone 6iPhone 5S/SEiPhone 5CiPhone 5
Screen Replacement$149.00$129.00$109.00$99.00$90.00$80.00$70.00$65.00$60.00$60.00$55.00
Battery ReplacementN/AN/AN/AN/A$45.00$45.00$45.00$45.00$40.00$40.00$40.00
Back Glass PlatesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$35.00N/A$35.00
Data Port ReplacementN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$40.00$40.00$40.00


No returns! We warranty all parts and labor parts for 60 days. We do not accept returns for non-defective parts. If we make an exception and allow a non-defective return, we will charge between a 15% – 25% restocking fee.

Diagnostic Fees

$45 – Standard Diagnostic Fee (Applies to all 2015 + older computers. All iMacs are $20 more. Only to be paid if client does not go through with any repair services offered or computer is unrepairable) *Minimum repair charge is $65 on any repairs!

$65 – Liquid Damage / 2016 + newer Diagnostic Fee (Applies to all 2016 + newer computers and any liquid damaged computers. *If you experience liquid damage… immediately shut down your computer and schedule an appointment to bring it in to us to at least disconnect the battery! Do not attempt to turn on your computer as it could cause further damage to your computer hardware lessening chances of  a successful repair! All iMacs are  $65 for diagnostic!  Only to be paid if client does not go through with any of our repair services offered) *Minimum repair charge is $65 on any repairs!

Hourly Shop Rate

$129 – Hourly (1 hour minimum on most repairs!)

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